If you have not personally been involved in Riverbandits Baseball I'm sure you have heard many misconceptions about our program. Listed below are a few misconceptions that we would like to clear up.

The Riverbandits travel all over the country.
The farthest the teams will travel is in the Chicago suburbs and Quad Cities. We do not play any games where the parents must spend the night unless the team advances to a State tournament or a World Series.

It costs thousands of dollars to play with the Riverbandits.
This is not the case at all. The Riverbandits provide many opportunities for each family to offset their cost. If a family chooses to work hard at their fundraising, they could pay nothing out of pocket.

It is true that is cost more to play travel baseball, but one must remember that there is no funding outside our organization to offset the costs. The organization has done many fundraisers in which the parents were not asked to take part in to pay for expenses.

The Riverbandits play 75-100 games and play every weekend. 
Depending on the age group, the teams will play anywhere from 35-55 games. This includes 6-8 tournaments in which each team plays a minimum of 3 games. 

We try and give each team 1-2 weekends off during each month. Sometimes this is hard due to when tournaments are scheduled.

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